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Good Examples Smith was a religious, Christian man. His notion of monads included contextual references to God.

Write a sentence with button

The judge sentenced her to six months in jail. It communicates a complete thought—an assertion, question, command, or exclamation.

write a sentence with button

In general, assertions and questions—the overwhelming majority of sentences—require a subject and a verb, put together in a way that can stand alone, resulting in what is called an independent clause see main clause: He kicked the ball is a sentence.

After he kicked the ball is not a sentence; instead it is a dependent clause see subordinate clause. Even though it has a subject and a verb, it needs to be connected to something in order to complete the assertion: After he kicked the ball, he fell down; or He fell down after he kicked the ball.

And exclamations clearly express excitement, alarm, anger, or the like with no need for either a subject or a verb: In everyday speech we routinely use phrases or clauses that would not make a complete sentence—so-called sentence fragments —because the conversation or the circumstances make the meaning clear.

They would generally be regarded as sentences simply because they begin with a capital letter and end with a suitable punctuation mark.

But they are not sentences in a strict grammatical sense. And as a rule, sentence fragments are frowned upon in formal or expository writing.

write a sentence with button

They can be useful—indeed, powerful—but in such writing they are effective only if used sparingly, in order to achieve a deliberate special effect: We will not give up fighting for this cause.Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback.

A pronoun can replace a noun or another pronoun. Pronouns such as “he,” “which,” “none,” and “you” are used to make sentences less cumbersome and less repetitive.

Pronouns are classified into several types which include the personal pronoun, the demonstrative pronoun, the interrogative pronoun, the indefinite pronoun, the relative pronoun, the reflexive pronoun.

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I want to print some HTML content, when the user clicks on a button.


Once the user clicks on that button, the print dialog of the browser will open, but it will not print the webpage. Write Now!® Early Learning Institute’s Write Now!® writing courses are designed to improve students’ skills in formal, informal, and creative writing.

To write a complete sentence on one line, you must turn off the text wrapping feature of the text box. 1. Click the "Close" button to close the Format Shape window.

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