Write a batch file to map network drives active directory

This article lists some of the issues that are involved and some possible methods to make this work. Although this article is written primarily in the context of accessing files on network shares, the same concepts apply to named-pipe connections as well. In particular, if you connect to a SQL Server across the network that is configured to use Microsoft Windows NT Integrated Security, you cannot connect because of the issues that are outlined in this article. RPC and COM may also use other communication mechanisms that have similar network authentication schemes.

Write a batch file to map network drives active directory

This apparently possible, according to this StackOverflow post. Before posting the content of the answer, however, can I suggest that you're over-complicating this? In situations like this where some crappy piece of code needs a user logged on to run like Domino server, grumble I've created a service account that's to always be logged in on a given server, and setup an auto-login script, so that the machine logs in the specified account on reboot automatically.

I'd suggest that the easier, and more supportable solution to your problem would be to do the same, and have the drive mapped for that service account user by Group Policy or logon script.

Anyway, should you be determined to try this without a user context, see the below. It's a hack, so use at your own risk and all: For this hack you will need SysinternalsSuite by Mark Russinovich: Open an elevated cmd. Elevate again to root using PSExec.

Navigate to the folder containing SysinternalsSuite and execute the following command "psexec -i -s cmd. The -i is needed because drive mappings need to interact with the user Step Three: If you need to remove it, follow steps 1 and 2 but change the command on step 3 to: The newly created mapped drive will now appear for ALL users of this system but they will see it displayed as "Disconnected Network Drive Z: Do not let the name fool you.

It may claim to be disconnected but it will work for everyone.

write a batch file to map network drives active directory

To get it working after a reboot, create a script just containing net use z:Jan 07,  · Mapping network drives based on group membership requires some programming knowledge– either VBScript or command shell (batch files). VBScript based logon scripts can require hundreds of lines of code to provided a complete solution.

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VBScript () is modeled on visual basic which means an object-oriented environment, it’s much easier to create variables, run through loops and the like which is a great advantage over batch files and have been used for many years but it can be very verbose and require a lot of development to get things done, but it can be nice to lay out scripts in a maintainable way.

User Home Folder drive Mapping/Creation in Active Directory. I tried using logon scripts to map drives, but they won't even run. Nothing happens. Create a batch file. Mapping network drive in Windows Active directory Hi, Iam using a Domain controller, My managment requirement id place a file server for which the users logging thru domain should use the shared location for their data storage.

Mapping Network Drives Using Group Policy. Open the Group Policy Management Console by searching for it from the Start Menu. You’ll want to drill down into your domain until you reach the Machines object, where you can right-click and choose to Create a GPO.

File storage on the Active Directory (AD) file server provides secure, backed up data storage for faculty and staff. Personal file storage (P: drive) is set up for individual use.

Shared file storage (N: drive) is set up for departments.

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