The special part of sports in my life

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The special part of sports in my life

Athletics has played a significant role in my desire to be successful in life. It has taught me to be organized, driven, focused and be a good team member. Skiing and competition has been a great part of my life. Growing up in Steamboat Springs has meant a lot to me. All my coaches have been past Olympians and have passed on their experience, drive, morals, and sportsmanship to me.

I will be forever thankful to them and my family for supporting me. Most of all I thank my brother Bryan Fletcher who has been my role model and incentive to be top of my division. Yea, and trust me I worked really hard to keep my good GPA. Since I spent the majority of my time in Europe and trying to keep up with my online classes it was difficult due to the lack of Internet and obscure places I traveled to.

The online classes allow me to still train with my current team! I have a great family that is so supportive of me. My Mom Penny Fletcher has never stopped encouraging me to continue with my dream and has always been there to give me the encouragement I needed to keep challenging myself.

My mom raised me as a single mom and devoted all of her spare time to being there for my brother and me at all events. My childhood memories are filled with fun times of ski trips to Winter Park, Park City, Minnesota and beyond.

All those cold cross-country races were always greeted with a warm smile and a way to go spirit.

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My mom married a great man and I have been lucky to have Fred Fuller in my life. Fred has stood on the side of the jumping hill to mark and encourage my brother and myself.

My dad, Tim Fletcher is huge in my life. He is responsible for most of my natural skiing skills for both my brother and myself. He taught me to ski by the time I could walk, and has always given me the attitude to be a champion. My dad has been a ski patrol for over 27 years.

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I have the best time with my Dad, when we are skiing the deep powder in the tight trees of Mt. The best part of my life is my brother. We have a very unique relationship. We are both driven athletes and at times can be the best of friends but in competition we are individual athletes.

Bryan has been my motivation to keep involved in the sport and he has also helped me through my difficult obstacles in sports.Gateway to Tampa Bay area news, weather, radar, sports, traffic, and more.

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The special part of sports in my life

Despite the horrible prejudices St. Martin de Porres faced because his race, he served the poor and ill and treated them with great dignity. As far as I remember. I had been going in for gymnastics for about five years and these five years were magic time for me. Since than gymnastics has become my beloved sport.

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