The pros and cons of cyber

The benefits of this have been great, but with the good there has to be the bad. Cyber Bullying is defined as any form of repeated harassment to a person using electronic devices and the internet. It is a growing issue that youth are facing today. Studies have shown that one third of students have faced some form of cyber bullying in their life, that is a startling high amount.

The pros and cons of cyber

The pros and cons of government cybersecurity work The job can be boring and frustrating for some, but there also are upsides By William Jackson Aug 23, Cybersecurity is a growth industry, with rapidly increasing demand for qualified professionals in government and industry and a growing number of schools offering courses and degrees.

But a couple of security bloggers warn that cybersecurity jobs in large enterprises, especially government, are likely to be frustrating.

Mike Subelsky, who describes himself as a hacker and entrepreneur who has worked in cybersecurity for eight years in the military, as a government civilian and as a contractor, describes the work as uncreative, bureaucratic and restrictive.

Or you might not have access to the Internet at all! All of this probably is true. Most of these drawbacks have little to do with cybersecurity per se, but are endemic to large, buttoned-down organizations, not just government.

But there also are upsides to cybersecurity work in government that should be considered. Although there are regulations restricting the types of information technology that can be used and defining their configuration, the government does have power users.

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A security worker who gets into the right position could end up protecting and using some pretty cool tools. The systems and data being protected at other agencies also are important.

Although every agency has its routine back-office business systems, there also is a wealth of sensitive and critical data to protect. Things that spies from other nations are dying to get their hands on. These stakes add some interest to the game.

The pros and cons of cyber

Well-funded foreign espionage programs and sophisticated criminals are targeting government IT systems. Unfortunately, this does not change the likelihood that the rank-and-file of government cybersecurity workers probably will be doing routine administrative chores rather than playing high-tech games of spy vs.

I want one of those. Yeah I might work on something boring, and may have to sell my soul. But at least I can pay my mortgage, right?

The next generation will be young professionals who choose cybersecurity as a career path and enter the field with a different set of expectations.Cyber schools offer both pros and cons when compared to traditional educational programs; knowing the benefits and drawbacks of a cyber education can help you to decide what is right for you or your child.

The Department of Homeland Security was born of the terrorist attacks of Sept.


11, , and Comptroller General Gene Dodaro used its approaching 10th anniversary to assess the progress DHS made in implementing its security missions, including cybersecurity, at . Cyber-school is a growing phenomenon that lets students learn online, taking the same classes as their public-school counterparts.

While it offers numerous advantages, including a variety of classes and lack of social distractions, educators and parents are concerned about its drawbacks. PROS AND CONS: CYBER COMMAND Wednesday, July 07, Bob Gourley. Even before the U.S. Cyber Command stood up there was wide-ranging speculation about what the command would do, the authorities it would be granted, and the powers it would wield.

The pros and cons of cyber

No amount of insight from those with knowledge of the command will be enough to . A wild, weird clime that lieth sublime Out of Space, Out of Time Edgar Allen Poe. Information is no longer a staff function but an operational one.

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