Respiratory case studies asthma

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Respiratory case studies asthma

Ozone O3 is a gas molecule composed of three oxygen atoms. Often called "smog," ozone is harmful to breathe.


Ozone aggressively attacks lung tissue by reacting chemically with it. When ozone is present, there are other harmful pollutants created by the same processes that make ozone. The ozone layer found high in the upper atmosphere the stratosphere shields us from much of the sun's ultraviolet radiation.

However, ozone air pollution at ground level where we can breathe it in the troposphere causes serious health problems. Where Does Ozone Come From? Ozone develops in the atmosphere from gases that come out of tailpipes, smokestacks and many other sources.

Respiratory case studies asthma

When these gases come in contact with sunlight, they react and form ozone smog. The essential raw ingredients for ozone come from nitrogen oxides NOx and hydrocarbons, also called volatile organic compounds VOCs.

They are produced primarily when fossil fuels like gasoline, oil or coal are burned or when some chemicals, like solvents, evaporate. NOx is emitted from power plants, motor vehicles and other sources of high-heat combustion.

Carol · Case Studies · Education for Health - REAL Respiratory Clinic Asthma in schools Medication, generally asthma inhalers, play a very important role in the day-to-day management of asthma.
What kind of inhaler should my child use? It is vital that healthcare professionals have the skills to assist patients, yet many practitioners lack the necessary knowledge and skills relating to inhaler technique to support them. As a result, UKIG has developed a set of standards and competencies for healthcare practitioners to enable them to work with patients to optimise technique and maximise the benefit of the medication.
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Your trade The classic symptoms are shortness of breathwheezingand chest tightness. Type 2 brittle asthma is background well-controlled asthma with sudden severe exacerbations.

VOCs are emitted from motor vehicles, chemical plants, refineries, factories, gas stations, paint and other sources.

CO is also primarily emitted from motor vehicles. And because the reaction takes place in the atmosphere, the ozone often shows up downwind of the sources of the original gases.

In addition, winds can carry ozone far from where it began, even internationally across borders and even the oceans. You may have wondered why "ozone action day" warnings are sometimes followed by recommendations to avoid activities such as mowing your lawn or driving your car.

Lawn mower exhaust and gasoline vapors are VOCs that could turn into ozone in the heat and sun. Who Is at Risk from Breathing Ozone?

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Anyone who spends time outdoors where ozone pollution levels are high may be at risk. Five groups of people are especially vulnerable to the effects of breathing ozone: The impact on your health can depend on many factors, however.

For example, the risks would be greater if ozone levels are higher, if you are breathing faster because you're working outdoors or if you spend more time outdoors. Lifeguards in Galveston, Texas, provided evidence of the impact of even short-term exposure to ozone on healthy, active adults in a study published in OUR CURRENT STUDIES.

General Screening. Are you silently living with NASH? Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is a common but often silent condition that results in liver inflammation and damage due to buildup of fat in the liver.

CHEST Annual Meeting Abstracts. Find abstracts of original investigations from slides and posters presented at CHEST , held October , in San Antonio, Texas, featuring essential updates in lung diseases, improving patient care, and trends in morbidity and mortality..

Browse the CHEST Annual Meeting abstracts. Carol, 39 years old, is a Company Director and is the mother of two teenage daughters. She was diagnosed with asthma aged 35 years and is currently prescribed an inhaled corticosteroid (equivalent to mcgs beclometasone daily).

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Browse sets of pediatrics case studies flashcards. Study sets. Diagrams. Classes. Users Pediatric Respiratory Case Study. This case is an example of what many people with asthma experience.

The following discussion will cover the etiology, pathogenesis, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of asthma. Complete the following sections and take the quiz to check your understanding.5/5(1).

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