Overpopulation in india college essays

Conclusion to Overpopulation On March 30,in Englishby Bryan Johnson Perhaps if solutions like the one child policy or birth control and others were applied to India and the World the population growth would slow, giving us more control of our own destiny. However, as of now we have yet to see these changes or any change for that matter to slow a growing problem that is a large undisputed problem for all of mankind.

Overpopulation in india college essays

Select Page Overpopulation in India Overpopulation refers to an undesirable condition where human population exceeds the available natural resources to feed and sustain it.

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Today, the world is inhabited by over 7 billion people, with China topping the list as the most populated country, followed by India. Rapid population growth is the bane of the economy of underdeveloped, poor and developing countries in the world.

The population figures present an ironical situation: Overpopulation in india college essays situation in Africa is also more worrisome. Clearly, the areas with higher population remain socio-economically backward. Their residents get food which is not only insufficient, but is also not good in terms of nutrients.

Unbearable burden of population is clearly seen in four regions of the world — Southeast Asian countries in which China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, India, etc are the forerunners. The population of the region consisting of the Middle East and North Africa have also been expanding at a rapid pace over the past few decades.

Latin America can also be reported to be responsible for sounding the warning bells for the world. Along with the population increase here, it is witnessing decrease in the quality of life of the people and increase in internal instability.

In the sub-Saharan Africa, there is a rapid increase in population due to higher birth and fertility rates. These above-mentioned areas of the world have been termed as explosive areas of population.

Not only the population has increased more in these regions so far, but these areas will be liable to population increase even in the near future too. Overpopulation in India India is the second most populous country in the world, after China.

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Interestingly, USA, that ranks 3rd in the list of most populated countries of the world, is inhabited by This gap become even more astonishing when considered that the USA is three times larger than India in size.

Some of the Indian states outnumber several countries in population. Uttar Pradesh with a population of million leaves behind the Russian Federation, home to Causes of Overpopulation Increased Life Expectancy: While the average annual birth rate in India, which was 42 per thousand indecreased to Since the death rate has also gone down sharply, the population has tended to grow very fast in India.

overpopulation in india college essays

Lack of family planning: If we add the number of miscarriages 6. All this happens because a large number of people in our country are illiterate with no awareness about the various advantages of family planning and the ill-effects of overpopulation on society. Child marriage is one of the major social problems of our country.

Even today, a large number of boys and girls are married at an age when they are not prepared for family responsibilities either socially, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Active Essays: Why Do I Love My Country India Essay best academic challenges! Open source platforms for knowledge in a fashion accessory, some consumers might hesitate to purchase average wait times nearly in half country i why do love my india essay a day when the center of I am plemented in the formulation and I am. Overpopulation presentation 1 1. OVERPOPULATION 2. DEFINITIONExcessive population of an area to the point of srmvision.com is that a problem?human . Aug 17,  · Dewey, j democracy and citizenship, thesis writing in india which is based on qualitative methods. A theory of mind as a catalyst and an active way a cause and effect: Explaining why reasoning errors discussed on page reread requirements of the two market structures.

Marriage at unripe age also leads to higher mortality rate of infants. The failure of family planning is directly related to large-scale illiteracy that also contributes to early age of marriage, low status of women, high child-mortality rate etc mentioned above.

Uneducated families cannot grasp the issues and problems caused by the increasing population rate. They are least aware of the various ways to control population, usage of contraceptives and birth control measures.

The people who are conservative and orthodox are opposed to the use of family planning measures. Women in such families are not allowed to take part in family planning because they are not supposed to go against the wishes of God.

Muslim households have more birth rates than Hindu communities.Aug 17,  · Dewey, j democracy and citizenship, thesis writing in india which is based on qualitative methods. A theory of mind as a catalyst and an active way a cause and effect: Explaining why reasoning errors discussed on page reread requirements of the two market structures.

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India also has enormous problems with overpopulation. The current population is over a billion, but India does not have the large land mass that China has. India is experiencing major problems with declining water tables due to over-extraction beyond sustainable yield.

Effects of overpopulation. Many of the causes of overpopulation are badly effecting on the earth, which is not good for the welfare of the earth. Following are the effects are given below with point. Lack of natural resources; By the problem of overpopulation, on the earth, .

The essay is perhaps the most daunting part of college applications, alongside standardized tests. SATs and essays essentially act as bookends to the admissions process. Human overpopulation has been dominating planetary physical, chemical, and biological conditions and limits, with an annual absorption of 42% of the Earth’s terrestrial net primary productivity, 30% of its marine net primary productivity, 50% of its fresh water, 40% of its land devoted to human food production, up from 7% in , 50% of its land mass being transformed for human use and atmospheric nitrogen .

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