Irresponsible parents should be punished

Paragraphs Find an Essay: If a child behaves badly his parents should be considered responsible and should be punished. How far you agree?

Irresponsible parents should be punished

The issue that attracts more attention and discussion is whether the parents should be liable for any law-offending acts committed by their children. From my perspective, parents should be responsible for these wrongdoings or even subject to punishment.

Firstly, there is no surprise that parents hold the most integral position in the development of children mentally and physically.

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If young children are provided with a healthy and educational environment in which their mannerisms are well taught, it is likely that they will become ethical adults in the future. In contrast, delinquents frequently share a dissatisfied and discontent childhood where they lack parental guidance.

For example, no sooner do children witness domestic violence between their parents repetitively than they are more likely to follow suit by resorting to violence to deal with conflicts without negotiating.

This is an age from which children have sufficient experience, competence and knowledge to bear all social responsibilities from voting to abiding the national law.

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Consequently, parental guidance is no longer necessary in the development of those individuals. In conclusion, when young children violate the law, it is inescapable responsibility for their parents to take until their children come of age when they are enough mature and able to comprehend the implications of their behaviors.Texas has legislation on the books that holds parents liable if their kids access their guns.

But both gun owners and gun control advocates have problems with the law.

Irresponsible parents should be punished

Yes, make true "sexting" a separate crime - and yes, in my view punish the parents for being irresponsible and not supervising their children properly - but don't completely exempt those childeren from Child porn laws.

Because of the different national contexts of the use of this term, students should be prepared to debate a range of propositions dealing with laws that mandate parents act in the interests of their children, remain in the lives of their children, or be held accountable for the criminal or .

Mar 01,  · So the parental influence is greatly diluted and if parents are to be responsible and punished for their children's crime, then so, too, should the other sources that contribute to Status: Resolved. Teens on Punishment: As parents, I know that you try “everything” to make sure we do the right thing, and when we don’t, figuring out what actually works can be complicated.

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So I thought, hey, why not ask some of my contemporaries their thoughts on Parental Punishment. Saying parents should be punished for their children’s crimes is like saying that elected officials should be punished for crimes happening in their jurisdictions.

It’s not a way to accomplish anything desirable.

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