How to write a success story tips on getting

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How to write a success story tips on getting

A one or two paragraph text from a customer summarizing the project. In the following sections, we will describe the full "2-Page Format". However, the same principles hold for the shorter format.

The "Theme" In ]po[ we encourage success stories that take on different "themes" - talking about the specifics of a customer rollout. Otherwise all success stories would be similar. The "theme" of a success story is a particular aspect of a rollout that is emphasized.

Themes frequently correspond to a ]po[ process that is particularly important for the customer. Alternatives for themes are particular difficulties in a rollout that have been successfully overcome. A document that consistently talks about one area will be recognized by Google as belonging to that area and receive a "usefullness" extra score.

To optimize this recognition please research the theme, please create a mind-map of concepts around the theme looking up the term in Wikipediause these concepts throughout the success story and explain these concepts in terms of the actual implementation.

If possible, try to include the theme in the name of the success story and in links pointing to the success story for SEO reasons.

Example of themes in past ]po[ success stories: Ideal quotes express the application's benefit for the customer using simple and authentic language. It is a good practice to collect quotes already during the rollout, because quotes can't easily brainstormed afterwards. These quotes can provide an important guide, some success stories are written around these quotes.

Story Telling A success story is actually composed similar to a Hollywood plot: The hero corresponds to the customer organization who is the protagonist of the project The Initial Situation: The initial situation is usually unsatisfying for the hero. The pain points of the initial situation are the reasons why the hero has started his quest - the real reasons behind selecting and purchasing ]project-open[.


The pain points are worth telling because this pain must exceed the cost and psychological stress associated with implementing a new ERP system The quest corresponds to the rollout project.

During the quest, the hero will face a number of challenges or "adventures" that he will finally overcome.

At the end, the hero has managed to create a new stable environment that is better then the initial situation. Success Story Sections Usually, a success stories usually consist of the following section, and roughly in the following order: Describing the customer's organization and the past success for the customer The Challenge: What are the pain points in the initial situation?Get pro tips on how to run a successful fundraising campaign: from writing and image selection to creating buzz and momentum once the campaign launches.

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how to write a success story tips on getting

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