Dignity of women in army

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Dignity of women in army

Alcott being Alcott, she effectively morphed the experience into grist for her literary mill. Alcott was not a Big Gun in nursing history. Her service does not resonate through Civil War history like that of her influential contemporaries, Dorothea Dix and Clara Barton.

Thus, she learned service and selflessness early and perhaps a little too well. Inevitably, Louisa felt called to serve when, inthe Civil War broke out. The pioneering work of Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War had paved the way for a female army nursing service in the United States, and a personal epiphany on her own thirtieth birthday cinched the deal for Louisa.

Decide to go to Washington as a nurse if I could find a place. Although not formally trained, she was an adept nurse by dint of her personal experience in caring for sick family members. Dix only required that her nurses be sober-minded, mature over thirtyand plain-looking. It was damp, stuffy, and stinking, inadequately supplied, crowded, chaotic, and filthy.

Germ theory had yet to be embraced by the medical community, so surgery and wound dressings were done without benefit of soap and water, and antibiotics were unknown. Epidemiology was poorly understood, and preventable diseases such as typhoid and dysentery were rampant.

She was soon chivvied out, however, and put to work washing the blood and filth from a dozen men. Alcott, again, being Alcott, soon saw the funny side of the situation. Before long, she was laughing right along with her patient. The fortitude, courage, and dignity of her soldier patients, maintained against all odds, inspired Louisa to write about what she, and they, were living.

Nurse Alcott assisted with semi-barbaric surgeries, dressed hideous wounds, bathed and fed invalids, and eased the final moments of the dying. Civil War army nursing was particularly difficult. Advances in the technology of warfare had created weapons that were very efficient. Advances in medical science, unfortunately, had not kept pace.

In the absence of any other treatment, wounded limbs were amputated, frequently without the benefit of chloroform, the only known anesthetic other than a strong shot of whiskey. Treatment was excruciating, and often introduced infections more dangerous than the wounds themselves.

Her comrades in arms did all they could for her; Dr.

Dignity of women in army

John Winslow, with whom Louisa had a special friendship if not a romance, was especially attentive and diligent. Nevertheless, her life was in danger, and Dorothea Dix herself sent for Bronson Alcott to bring his daughter home. In the delirium she suffered at the height of her illness, the impact of the harsh realities of army nursing on a sensitive Victorian spinster became all too discernible.

Dignity of women in army

Once, she was found collapsed on the floor by her sister May; a delirious Louisa chastised May for leaving her alone with so many men, and said she had fallen trying to get away from them. She also dreamed of having to nurse hundreds of sick men who never recovered, and never died; they just stayed sick.

She even dreamed that she was tempted by Dr. She would suffer pain, weakness, and neurological and digestive problems for the rest of her life.Political correctness has now infected the U.S. Army, where female soldiers have been ordered to give “dignity and respect” to transgender men showering alongside them, according to training manuals leaked by soldiers in a mandatory class.

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Richard Harrison learned how to cook by watching his mother. The year-old said he’s a chef by trade. He graduated from Old Mill High School and joined the Army, where he was a cook while.

1. Q. What is ASAP? A. Army Substance Abuse Program. 2. Q. What is the ASAP mission? A. to strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the Army’s total workforce and enhance the combat readiness of its Soldiers.

Women got the right to participate in army training in but they do not have the responsibility to do so. So men either go to army, civil training or prison. Women can choose if they want to participate in army training but have no penalties or civil service if they do not.

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