Different religions living in harmony a far fetched idea

Historical Tradition[ edit ] The ancient Indian scripture Rigveda endeavors plurality of religious thought with its mention "ekaM sadvipraa bahudhaa vadanti " Sanskrit: Whoever praises his own religion, due to excessive devotion, and condemns others with the thought "Let me glorify my own religion," only harms his own religion.

Different religions living in harmony a far fetched idea

This is over the summer vacation. All the children in the neighbourhood will gather together under a tree. The group will be counted as one family.

A father and mother will be selected among them. The rest of the children will be considered as the little ones of the family. Every single child will be bringing their little share of different raw foods and whatever household utensils they could.

And, finally, when everything is ready, all of us will sit down under the tree and share the food, as if we are one big family. This game has contributed a lot to the happiness of our innocent childhood.

I grew up in a village where we have people of all the major religions of South India. And in our group, we had children from all these religions. We never felt any difference between us. We were certainly aware that we were from different religion.

Yet, we felt that we are one family. Alongside of this, my mother, who is my first spiritual guide in my life, like any of us, taught me to read the Holy Bible.

Religious Fanaticism -- Part It's Cure: Live Truthfully

One of his servants has fallen sick. This man wanted to see his servant healed. He has heard of this teacher from whom one may get healed. He has asked the Jewish elders of his neighbourhood whether they could speak to Jesus on behalf of him. He does not want Jesus to come to his home, as he thought he is unworthy of a visit from Jesus to him.

One Idea…..many approaches

The Roman soldier here represents a tyrant foreign ruler who oppresses the country. He is approaching a group of people who does not belong to his ethnicity or religion.

Different religions living in harmony a far fetched idea

He considered himself as unworthy. But the people of the other religion counted him as worthy. Their testimony says that the Officer loved their people and he even built a worshipping place for them. And the Teacher valued the conviction of the man.

This is a wonderful event I found in the Holy Scripture on how peaceful coexistence is possible between diverse religions. Pardon me for this revealing of identity. This utmost cordial and welcoming environment compels me to narrate a little on what Church I represent.

Our humble representation here is of a traditional Christian Church which has its history of twenty centuries in the Indian Sub-continent.

Thomas Christians, hold the tradition of St. We never advocate intimidating and forceful adaptations of religious ethos and beliefs. We do not believe in any kind of imposition of one religion on the other.

We believe in peaceful co-existence of diverse religious traditions. It is an inspiring source of heroic sacrifice. It is of self-denial and of serving others.

It is of mercy, peace and goodness. No matter to what different religion we represent, all the above mentioned aspects are applicable to all our religious traditions.

Which religion has not presented self-denial and serving others as essential virtues? What religion is not presenting mercy, peace and goodness? It is high time that we have to come to the reality that, practically speaking; there is no one religion for the whole of humanity.

On the contrary, the truth remains that, there is only One Humanity for all the religions. In spite of all these, religion in popular terms can quickly turned into hatred. The wrong use of it can produce fanaticism. Thereby, it can propose and practice, the most irrational kind of cruelty.

I would humbly say that, it is predominantly because of the lack of mutual knowledge.Inter-religious Harmony and Religions for Peace and Transformation India is a country of more than one billion people, the majority of whom are Hindus.

But we also have large populations of minorities, with about million Muslims, making this the second largest Muslim population in the world, after Indonesia.

The Rules, in Brief

Similarly, since there are different types of people (mental dispositions) in the world, there are different religions or procedures. But the spirit of all religions is the same — Truth. Although people have different mental dispositions (illnesses), but the source of all types of mental ailments (mental dispositions, habits or inclinations) is one and the same — false ego-sense (Haumai).

In reality, there are no differences between the three religions regarding the way that people of different religions should treat each other and deal with each other. Africa + Native American religions Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free.

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Log in Sign up. basic way in which humans ensure they are living in harmony with each other and nature (africa) communicating with spirit world. through sacrifice, divination, and spirit possession emphasize the idea.

The cell is the basic building block of all living organisms. From the perspective of biology, it is the smallest living thing. You get the idea. Unity is the basis of spirituality, and all move­ment in the direction of a deeper experience of one­ness can be called spiritual. It is no far-fetched idea for any of us to say that we live.

Islam and Christianity are living in harmony at least in one African Nation of Eritrea. Of course they can live together side by side and neither should be offended/afraid of trying to prove the other wrong!

Different religions living in harmony a far fetched idea

by peaceful form of discussion.

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