Concert report 2

I'm still not finished, but I need some opinions on how it sounds so far. Tips would be great as well, thanks: This concert included performances by the Choir His purpose for writing the piece was to represent his passion for his hometown, which made this a great title.

Concert report 2

View image at full size Create a separate data set for each custom attribute type Create separate advanced data sets for each of the custom attribute types. In this example you will be report on both strings and timestamp custom attributes. Therefore, you need to create two advanced data sets; one for strings and one for timestamps.

The following steps assume you are familiar with Concert report 2 a data set in BIRT, which is connected to the respective Rational Team Concert database. Create an advanced data set for strings To create an advanced data set for the string attribute type, use the following values, which are also shown in Figure 2: Advanced data set for strings View image at full size Advanced data set for timestamps To create an advanced data set for the timestamp attribute type, use the following values, which are also shown in Figure 3: Advanced data set for timestamps View image at full size Use JavaScript to capture and store the custom attribute data After creating the advanced data sets for the string and timestamp custom attributes, use JavaScript to store the data in the global variables.

Within each data set, fetch each custom attribute value and store it in the respective global variable as an array. Fetch the custom attribute data for the strings advanced data set Select the advanced data set for strings that we created and select the Script tab as shown in Figure 4.

In the onFetch Script section add the following JavaScript code: Create a dynamic text element and add it to your report. Select the dynamic text element and select the Binding tab to set some data binding parameters.

In the Binding tab, select the strings data set to ensure the strings advanced data set is run when the report is displayed, as shown in Figure 6. Bind the dynamic text to the report Hide the dynamic text element so that it is not displayed on the report.

With the dynamic text box selected, access the visibility settings and select the option Hide Element, as shown in Figure 7. Hide the dynamic text box View image at full size Display the values of the custom attributes We have created two advanced data sets that store the values of the custom attributes.

Next, we create a main data set to display the custom attributes in an organized manner.

Concert report 2

The first step is create computed columns that reference the global array to display the respective custom attributes: Create a final advanced data set named Main. Select the appropriate column values. Within the main advanced data set, create a computed column. Computed columns are used to display the values of the custom attributes stored in the global arrays.

In the computed column, add the following expression to reference the global array and necessary attribute value: Phase, Release, and Type, as shown in Figure 8.

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Computed columns for strings View image at full size Note: Because the arrays are bound to the report layout, these fields show up blank when you preview the results in the data set. The values will show up correctly when you run the report. After finishing the data sets, as shown in Figure 8, display the fields from the main data set on the BIRT report.

Concert report 2

Upload your report to Rational Team Concert and run your report. The custom attributes are displayed in an orderly manner, as shown in Figure 9.concert report 2 - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

That was the scream that sent the crowd of a Lil Wayne concert into a scramble to flee the area Sunday night, according to TMZ. At least 12 injured in chaos of gunshot report at Lil Wayne concert. Jul 26,  · Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CNCE) today announced that it will report its second quarter financial results on Thursday, August 2, , .

In a Roundabout Way – Fanfare

Merregnon Studios’ newest concert Final Symphony II features music from Final Fantasy V, VIII, IX, and XIII. This report is about its sixth performance, which took place in .


Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:CNCE) Q2 Results Earnings Conference Call August 2, AM ET Executives Justine Koenigsberg - SVP, Corporate Communications and IR Roger Tung .

Police have reportedly detained two security guards from Dua Lipa's concert in Shanghai, China last Wednesday (12Sep18). Video footage posted to social media by .

Concert Pharmaceuticals to Report Second Quarter Financial Results on August 2,