Character analysis of lisa shilling in lisa bright and dark a novel by john neufeld

Bibliotheraphy for Youth Services: The reading list was interesting—a number of titles which were certainly good, but many which were either outdated or out of print.

Teach This Lesson About the Book It is the early s and Hattie Owen's world revolves around the boarding house her parents run in the small town of Millerton, where her grandparents are the wealthiest residents in town.

Character analysis of lisa shilling in lisa bright and dark a novel by john neufeld

The summer of Hattie's 12th birthday starts like any other. Her best friend Betsy leaves for vacation in Maine, and once again Hattie does not accept her invitation to go along. She can't imagine changing her routine or leaving her home. But this is a summer that will change her life forever.

It is the summer of the carnival, where she makes a new friend, Leila, the daughter of one of the carnival families. And it is the summer when she meets Adam, her mother's much younger brother, the uncle she never knew she had.

Adam has been living at a school and home for the mentally ill since Hattie was a baby. No one has ever told her of his existence. But the school has closed and Adam must come home to live until Hattie's grandparents decide what to do with him.

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His erratic behavior is an embarrassment to the adults, but Hattie finds Adam's childlike impetuousness to be intriguing and refreshing…and sometimes scary when it is uncontrollable.

Torn between helping Adam enjoy life and worrying about what to do when he becomes difficult, Hattie also secretly worries about whether she herself may have a personality disorder. Is her excessive shyness a sign of problems that will get worse? Could she develop problems as difficult as Adam's?

Throughout the course of the summer, Hattie learns more about herself as she interacts with Adam and Leila and grapples with the issues her family has kept hidden all these years. Author Information As a child growing up in Princeton, N.

With her younger sister, she once set up a lending library in her bedroom for the neighborhood children. After graduating from Smith College inshe taught school for a year and then went to New York City to work in publishing.

While editing other people's books, Ann began to write her own, and soon she was devoting all of her time to writing about the lives and adventures of young girls.

She is the original author of the popular Baby-Sitters Club series, which contains many incidents, situations, and characters that she remembers from her own childhood. The series now has nearly million copies in print.

From her home in upstate New York, Ann Martin writes thought-provoking middle-grade and young adult novels, which have been praised by reviewers for their sensitivity, integrity, and humor. Discussion Questions Setting How important is the setting to the story?

What would change if the story were set in a city or in a rural area? How are the attitudes of Hattie's grandparents affected by their status in the town?

What is the importance of the boarding house in the story? How can Hattie's family keep a family secret from her in such a small town?

Character analysis of lisa shilling in lisa bright and dark a novel by john neufeld

What are the dynamics of the town that keep her ignorant of Adam's existence? What is the importance of the carnival to the development of the story? What is the importance of the carnival in Hattie's life?Mar 25,  · Lisa, Bright and Dark by John Neufeld- Lisa Shilling is 16, smart, attractive -- and she is losing her mind.

Some days are "light, " and everything is normal; during her "dark" days, she hides deep within herself, and nothing can reach Resolved. Lisa Bright and Dark, by John Neufeld, explores the world of mental illness through Lisa Shilling, a sixteen year old who believes she is going crazy.

Though she and her friends know this, she is unable to receive help because her parents think she is making it up. Oct 06,  · "Lisa Shilling is a year-old who is suffering from a mental breakdown.

She walks hunched over, she yells at her friends to "just stop it" when they were innocently dancing at a party; she whispers her answer in the teacher's ear instead of speaking before the Resolved.

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Feb 09,  · Cliff Notes essays / Lisa Bright & Dark. John Neufeld is the author of "Lisa Bright & Dark". He lives and works in New York City these days. He was educated at Yale. His style of writing are usually touching stories. Finding information about John Neufeld is quite difficult since the Internet nor the book has provided any help whatsoever.

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