Antigone pride thesis

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Antigone pride thesis

Divine Law The play opens with the debate between the sisters Antigone and Ismene about which law comes first—the religious duty of citizens, or the civil duty? Antigone invites Ismene to join her in burying their brother Polyneices, though the king has forbidden burial on pain of death.

Antigone pride thesis

Antigone denies that Creon has authority in the matter of burial, a sacred duty she feels bound to fulfill. Creon, on the other hand, believes the state is supreme. He says to the city counselors: Furthermore, since he represents the city-state of Thebes as its king, his will is sovereign.

They point out here that the two laws are in conflict—civil and religious.

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Tragedy is bound to occur when these two vital laws are set against one another, for both sacred law and civil law are necessary for the welfare of the people. The gods also weigh in through omens, and the prophesy of the seer, Teiresias. He proves by example the will of the gods overrides human law.

An early choral ode praises the wonders of human accomplishment: On the other hand, humans seem limited by their mortality and their fate, or predetermined destiny.

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Someone like Oedipus, born with a certain prophesied fate, is not able to circumvent it by any means. Creon, however, seems to suffer through his own choices and stubbornness. Creon feels confident that through his will, he can make laws for the city of Thebes, and at first he sticks by his decision to punish Antigone.

Together the fates were called the Moirae, the ones who apportioned human destiny. In early Greek literature, Fate was all-powerful, even more powerful than the gods, for even Zeus did not know when his reign would end.

Antigone pride thesis

Sophocles and the later philosophers like Plato, however, tried to balance the picture by glorifying human reason as an echo of the reasoning intelligence behind cosmic law.

Humans could thus modify their own destiny if they were wise. For this world came into being from a mixture of Necessity and Intelligence.

Intelligence controlled Necessity by persuading it for the most part to bring about the best result, and it was by this subordination of Necessity to Reasonable persuasion that the universe was originally constituted as it is.

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Swallow Your Pride He rushed to the vault to free Antigone of the imprisonment he placed upon her himself, little did Creon know, it was too late. Frye 1 John Frye Mrs. Gleason Honors English 10 4 March Power, to a Degree In the play “Antigone” by Sophocles, Creon, the antagonist to Antigone his niece, is .

An interesting way of thinking about theme in Antigone is through an analysis of the contrast between Antigone and Ismene. A defensible thesis statement could be: Antigone is a proto-feminist. Antigone Essay Help Sample Thesis Statements: “In the Greek play, Antigone, Sophocles portrays the consequences of weak leadership by using Creon’s disrespect for the gods, his failure to listen to other people, and his self-serving personality and values.”.

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