An american gaucho in argentina essay

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An american gaucho in argentina essay

Over time, these mostly free-ranging horsemen, who eventually were forced to make their livings working on the vast ranches of the Pampas, established a folkloric tradition that would serve to inspire myriad works of literature in the region.

In Argentina today, the gaucho is synonymous with an image shared with that of the American cowboy, and in many ways their cultural roots are similar. As members of an independent class of people that made a living working with the countless herds of cattle, the rugged gaucho has achieved mythical proportions in the urbanized atmosphere of modern-day Argentina as wild adventurers possessed with a sage-like earthy wisdom.

But their true origins are much more complicated and wrapped in the history of the Argentine interior. The early gauchos lived in clustered villages throughout the region, herded cattle and were among the defenders in the repulsion of the English invasion ofand the rebellion against Spanish rule in Upon the independence of Argentina ina new effort was made to colonize the interior, which in turn helped to give rise to the ranches that sprang up over the landscape over the following half century.

Prior to these dramatic changes to their lifestyle, gaucho literature existed solely in two nascent forms: A fusion of the pulp novel and the traditional folk narrative of the gaucho, it was almost immediately a hit with the masses and served as more than just a true introduction to these Argentine free-riders.

However since few gauchos were educated themselves, the literary coalition consisted of outside authors empathetic to the rough but worldly lifestyle espoused by the gaucho. Railroads now criss-crossed the nation connecting even the most remote outposts and rendering the gaucho lifestyle more and more irrelevant with the passing years.

Fewer people followed the old traditions and true gauchos began to disappear from the Pampas. Gaucho literature also saw its popularity dim as less writers adopted the form, though intermittent works were still published during this quieter period. However, a new reality in Argentina was setting in that would help to give rise to a second wave of gaucho-themed literature: Such a dramatic population shift began to leave native-born Argentineans resentful of the new residents and the ethnic shift they brought to the face of their nation.

These nationalistic desires gave rise to a resurgence of interest in the gaucho at the beginning of the twentieth century, a tide of interest whose origins were more nostalgic than political in nature.

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Developed around the central plot of a young orphaned man taken under the wing of a grizzled veteran gaucho, it espoused a return to simpler values where a primal respect for the land was the centerpiece for a contented existence.

Commonly shown strumming his guitar around a campfire, the gaucho was represented as a craggy man of undemonstrative wisdom who strove to live an independent existence of productive effort. Highly moral, they were portrayed as men of mysterious backgrounds who traded stories of traditional flavor at the end of long days of manual labor.

Often relentlessly persecuted, their lives were tangled webs of misfortune and intrigue but high adventure. Given that the majority of these men came from the wealthy landowner elite, the works are surprisingly accurate in their details of the regional flavor and colloquial mannerisms of their subjects.

Masculine men of firm loyalty to one another, they are almost uniformly presented as figures of heroic stature, despite the relatively mundane nature of their desires. An amalgam of myth literature and native folklore, the gaucho genre remains heavily masculine; written by men about men.

Borne of the lyrical songs of the gaucho, they were met with as much approval by the subjects themselves as the general populace. The Argentine people treasure the legacy of their nation, a legacy immortalized in part by the gaucho and the literature about them that endures.

An american gaucho in argentina essay

As a canonical style, the gaucho literature movement was at its peak from aboutthough many novels, movies, and poetry continue to document their cultural traditions.

In recent years, a revival of sorts has occurred in many parts of South America from Brazil south through Uruguay into Argentina, where the tradition of the gaucho is honored in festivals and many people seek to return to the old ways out of a fondness for the past.

But whatever the future of the gaucho, the literature inspired by them remains a cultural touchstone.Peter Fuller, an American executive with Great Plains Foods of Iowa travels to Buenos Aires to investigate the possibility of forming a strategic alliance with Comidas Gaucho, an Argentine beef processor.

Apr 20,  · Comidas Gaucho is well-known Argentina food processor which was targeted by Great Plains look into forming an alliance for South American market.

Peter Fuller was sent out as Great Plains representative to reach a cooperative agreement with Comidas Gaucho. Comidas Gaucho is well-known Argentina food processor which was targeted by Great Plains look into forming an alliance for South American market.

Peter Fuller was sent out as Great Plains representative to reach a cooperative agreement with Comidas Gaucho. Jan 13,  · Essay on Argentina. Gauchos means a South American cowboy. The gauchos were started in the ’s when a game called pato was played.

In this game you were to hold a duck in a bag and race with tone other man on a horse. All free online essays, sample essays and essay examples on Argentina topics are .

Gauchos Essay This was the name given to the horsemen who worked on the Argentine and Uruguayan pampas from the middle of the 18th century until the late 19th century, having a similar image in Latin America as the cowboys have in North America.

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