5 force model pt aqua danone indonesia

Yokogawa simulators serve a diverse range of customers worldwide operating fossil fired, gas turbine, and co-generation power plants.

5 force model pt aqua danone indonesia

When Utomo passed away unexpectedly inhis family was faced with a difficult decision regarding the business. They approached the multinational company Danone, who shared the same values and principles, and the merger was born in September My role in AQUA is to work with my team on the long-term sustainability and short-term ambitions of the company.

We set out a vision for this company and work consistently with all people here to deliver that vision. I see it as my job to create conditions for our employees to thrive in AQUA and develop themselves professionally. There is not a single day that is the same.

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Has your experience as a Lieutenant in the Royal Dutch Navy in had any impact on the way that you conduct business today? In those days in the Netherlands it was compulsory to serve your country. I learned values like discipline, respect and not giving up when you want to achieve something; values I consider relevant for successful leadership.

Your water comes from 13 springs and 18 factories in Indonesia. What makes your water healthy? How is it processed? We are very picky about the selection of our springs and follow a strict criteria regarding selection.

We carry out scientific research looking at mineral content and other compositions that tell us if it meets the AQUA taste profile, which is influenced by the minerals.

5 force model pt aqua danone indonesia

We look at the amount of water the natural area has without upsetting the water balance. Then we drill and see if we can find the water, and we check to see how much we can take. If the composition is not good, we stop.

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We make sure our water is fresh, tasting good, and meeting health standards. We filter it, of course, with a complex filter system, and then apply Ultra Violet light which kills micro bacteria. The whole process is natural. We will be opening factory number 19 in April in South Sumatra.

Danone AQUA is a publically-listed company. What are the projections for ? We are the biggest water brand in terms of volume in the world; about ten times the size of Evian. The growth of our business comes mainly from two factors: Households will switch from boiling water to safer, packaged water.

Moreover, modern trade grew rapidly, particularly in mini-markets which have helped us grow exponentially.


Consequently, projected growth in the bottled water industry in Indonesia is around percent per annum. You have approximately 2 million sales points across Indonesia.

5 force model pt aqua danone indonesia

How is distribution managed? I think indeed this is one of our key strengths. We use 75 family-owned distributors who have been part of the business since the beginning. We have depots that distribute into wholesalers that then go to the warung and the toko.For more than 50 years, The North Face has made activewear and outdoor sports gear that exceeds your expectations.

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Nestlé, the world's largest food and beverage company, is committed to enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future. AQUA begin its journey in under the leadership of Mr. Tirto Utomo and becomes the pioneer of bottled mineral water in Indonesia. AQUA is preserving the quality and purity of its mineral water since day one, by preserving and protecting the nature around it.

VP marketing Danone Aqua Indonesia, Mio Euros Danone. February – January 5 years. Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia -Promoted sales step change from pull / logistic to push driven force -Co-built industrial mid-term model -Created R&D/marketing processesTitle: Multicultural Senior Executive .

Currently, I work as Channel Development at Danone AQUA in Indonesia; the first and the biggest water brand in Indonesia. My recent responsibility is develop positive business relationship of Danone AQUA brand at Away from Home segments through potential program and activities+ connections. Manta is your connection to all the local search sites. We optimize, publish, and manage your complete online presence. No more missed opportunities. 3. 3 You get more customers. Customers are searching for your business online. We provide you the solutions and support you need to capture them. 5 Force Model Pt Aqua Danone Indonesia. Case Analysis Outline 1. Background Information Time Frame Country (ies) Key Characters Company Size - Indonesia Tirto Utomo – chairman of the board and chief executive officer. Willy Sidharta – president of the company in - - member of Technical Commission of the International Bottled Water Association Large Scale Enterprise PT Aqua.

May 07,  · Indonesia's biggest bottled water producer Danone AQUA plans to double its annual production capacity to as much as 20 billion litres in the next .

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