0093 writing at eastfield college

W pm Expos 20 Drugs, Minds and War in the Americas Psychoactive substances have played an outsized role in the modern history of the Americas. As marijuana is being decriminalized, our class will ask how the Americas have been embroiled in a war on the habits of its peoples.

0093 writing at eastfield college

Sign up for free to view: Patrice Johnson Contact Information: This course focuses specifically on the writing process. Course topics include inventing, drafting, revising, and editing multi-paragraph papers.

Course activities will be designed to improve your reading skills, develop your thinking skills, improve your research skills, and improve your attitude toward the writing process. Exercises will be designed to give guidance and practice in sentence structure, paragraph building, and essay construction.

Opportunities will be provided to test and refine skills and to apply these skills to your own work.

0093 writing at eastfield college

Learning laboratories are located on campus to provide additional assistance. The Developmental Writing courses introduce writing strategies to be used continuously in the typical transfer credit courses at Eastfield College. The writing strategies focused on in this course will be further refined in English and In this course, students will learn to adjust their writing processes to various time and audience constraints.

This skill will help students cope 2 successfully with both essay tests and term papers, as well as reports and other written work on the job. It may differ from the way that we speak since different dialects are spoken all over the country.

No matter what language we speak, however, we must all know how to write—Standard American English. E-Textbook and Other Course Materials: A Guide to College Writing 4 th ed.

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E-textbooks and My Writing Lab access, may be purchased by going to www. You may also purchase a hard copy of the text at the EFC bookstore or online.

New textbooks will include My Writing Lab access. In order to purchase My Writing Lab software separately, go to www. Please plan to have access to My Writing Lab the first day of the semester.

Pens black or blue and lined loose-leaf notebook paper Formatted flash pen for USB port must be formatted for IBM minimum storage will do—no need to get an expensive one Highlighter pen Developmental Courses The Texas Success Initiative TSI is a statewide program designed to ensure that students enrolledCurriculum Vitae Brian Roffino Eastfield College Motley Drive Mesquite, TX () [email protected] Education University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, TX.

This course is not currently offered by Eastfield College. Offered at ECC One of the following must be met: (1) DREA AND DWRI ; (2) English as a Second Language (ESOL) AND ; or (3) have met Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Reading and Writing standards AND the college Writing score prerequisite requirement.

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